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Welcome to Fab Lab where beauty meets empowerment!

Our beauty philosophy is simple yet profound: We believe that beauty should empower! At Fab Lab we celebrate your unique features and aim to enhance your natural allure.

We understand that each individual has their own distinct charm, and our permanent makeup services are here to accentuate it. From subtle enhancements to bolder transformations, we are dedicated to bringing out your best self.

We take pride in using only the finest products and staying at the forefront of industry trends. With our expertise and commitment to your satisfaction, you can trust us to provide you with lasting beauty that radiates from within.

Experience the confidence and convenience of permanent makeup with Fab Lab.

Book your appointment today and embark on a journey where beauty empowers you every day!
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Vanja Grbic

Vanja Grbic will be your certified Micropigmentation Specialist, trained by the world-renowned Nouveau Contour Permanent Makeup Academy. Vanja also holds an Advanced Reconstructive Areola Dermapigmentation Certificate from Nouveau Contour academy. In addition, Vanja is a fully certified Phi Method Microblading artist. She has successfully completed a Wedge and Wing course by Girlz Ink. Vanja also excels in advanced 3D areola treatment,  and was trained in this discipline by the Ink Boutique.

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Real talk

Client Reviews

I have been a client for the past 6 months. At first, I was terrified to have anything done with my hair as I was at the end of my rope thinking I might loose my hair eventually but Vanja changed all that. She walked me through the microchanneling process, answered all my questions and made me feel at ease and relaxed.I noticed that my hair is growing in only 2 sessions with her. it was a whole new experience for me getting microchanneling treatment done on my hair and it really works. On top of her fantastic skills, she is such a kind, funny and very very nice individual and I look forward to my appointments with her every 2-3 weeks.
- Thanks Vanja, I highly recommend her ! She is absolutely the BEST !

Chanin Warakulnukroh

I gifted a Microblading session to my niece from FabLab and she couldn’t be happier with the results and overall value!! Everything was new and clean, and the technician was super sweet. There seems to be a lot of “pop-up” boutiques all over town but we are super happy with the FabLab experience and will definitely be back!

Steve S.

Vanja is just amazing and great at her craft! Such attention to detail. She made me feel so confident with her knowledge, i just knew i would love her work! I was right!

Tina Hartz

Service was great and results even better. Profesional, clean and knowledgeable. Procedure was explained to me and I was comfortable during it. Will be back and highly recommended.

Sasa Bratic

I highly recommend this business! Professional, knowledgeable , experienced! Made my experience a very enjoyable one! Will definitely recommend to all my friends and use again!

Dani Berkovski