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Many people are often at a loss when it comes to trying to decide how to choose the right eyebrow style for them. There are many different things to consider when it comes to picking out the permanent eyebrow style.

One of the most important things to consider is whether or not you prefer natural looking eyebrows or more of a “make up look.”

It is also important to consider your skin type and facial structure.

Your options:


Microblading has been all the latest rage. It is perfect for people who love to see hairstrokes within their eyebrows, and love the more natural look. Fab Lab’s Vanja is a fully certified Phi Microblading Artist. Her speciality is focusing on creating eyebrows that look like you were born with them. Phi Method is one of the most famous microblading methods utilized all over the world. It is known for it’s clean strokes and perfectly manicured results. Microblading can last for years if the aftercare is on point. Regularly using sunscreen, refraining from harsh chemicals, and doing regular touchups will ensure a very long lasting result. This procedure is not optimal for clients who have oily skin or large pores.


Microshading is color implantation by utilizing a tattoo gun. This approach creates a series of dots which create a more of a “makeup” look. It lasts a very long time with minimal touchups needed. Everyone is a great candidate for microshading – even if the skin is oily and with larger pores. This technique can be created as light or as dramatic as you would like. The most commonly utilized variation of microshading is Ombre Brows. This look is created by having darker tails and lighter bulbs, which creates a gorgeous ombre effect.


Why not get the best of both worlds? Microblading can be combined with microshading. This can help create a soft, airy look while ensuring longevity and minimal touchups. Your eyebrows will have added density with a touch of “fluff.”

Vanja with Fab Lab is your best Orlando eyebrow destination. If you are in Orlando and looking to get your eyebrows on fleek make sure to book your appointment with Vanja today. Together you can decide which eyebrow style is the best for you, and she will ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your results. Fab Lab is the best Orlando Microblading and Microshading destination!!!

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