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Ombre brows, also known as Powdered Brows, are a semi-permanent eyebrow styling technique that creates a soft shaded brow pencil look. This amazing technique is particularly recommended for anyone who fills in their brows regularly with pencil or shadow. It provides our clients with a lovely look that has darker tails, and softer/lighter eyebrow fronts.

During the appointment we will create an outline of the brow shape and size before utilizing a permanent makeup machine to insert tiny dots of pigment into the skin. The treatment is painless as we apply a numbing gel on the skin before and while working on the brows. If you are looking for top-notch Ombre powder brows near me, Fab Lab is the right choice.

Our goal is to make sure you are happy with the results. Your search for the best ombre powder brows Orlando stops here… Book your appointment today!